Commission Information

Last updated 27 August 2022

Payment Method

I use Wise as payment method. It is fast, cheap and secure. It works similar to PayPal.
Please click here for Wise guide

Commission Progress

⦁Please firstly read my entire commission information page. I consider you have read and accept it when you send a request form.
⦁ Send me your commission request by filling out the application form under the tab form.
⦁ I will get back to you in 1-2 working days letting you know what is possible for your model. Keep in mind it is not first come, first served!
⦁ If I accepted your request after I have seen the PSD I will send you a quote!
⦁ I take the payment upfront. You also have the option to pay the model in 2 installments. I will send you a payment request link via Wise.
⦁ The rigging process can be 4-6 weeks depending on the complexity. Feel free to message me whenever you want to get an update.
⦁ I will send your file through your preffered method. This can be through drive or even discord.

Terms Of Service

Payment : Preferred payment method is Wise. Payment is required before I start the work. You have the option to pay half before work begins and rest upon completion. You will not receive the completed product until the commission is paid in full.Providing Art Files : Have the prior agreement for the illustrator to fix the illustration according to the instruction.
In case of unavailability, please get the permission from the illustrator to modify the illustration.
Refund Policy: If I have to cancel an order , you will be fully refunded. If you have to cancel an order, refund will be discussed based of the progress I have made on your project.Riggers Rights : I have the right to refuse or cancel the commission any time.
I do not share the editable .cmo3 file.
I will not work over someone else work.
I can ban a person from my commissions due to their actions against my ToS.
Please note that I cannot accept any of the following cases :
R18 Work
Free Request
Work without credit
Single Layer Image
Work that needs .cmo3 file (file for modeling purpose)
Work that will be re-sold to different person (second-hand distribution) not by original artist
NFT related
Credits : You have to openly credit me as your rigger on your Twitter bio or on your streaming channel.Rush Orders : I do take rush orders if my queue situation is appropriate. There is %10-20 additional cost for rush orders depends on how much project I delayed for you.Project Privacy : I have the freedom to stream your commission progress and share progress videos on my social media accounts. If you want to keep it hidden, you must specify that in your commission request and there is %5 additional cost for secret projects.Revision Policy : After the final product delivered and you checked the model we agree that it is completely finished, the revisions you want are paid.Clients Rights : You have commercial rights to stream and record the model.
Once I rigged a model for you, you have the right to get in queue directly for updates and new clothes, hair etc.
You will be considered as agreed my ToS by commissioning me. There will be no toleration of breaking the ToS.